(Youtube) 【異世界への入り口】京都の穴場スポット② : A secret spot in Kyoto(Kyoto, Japan)

京北に位置するパワースポットとしても有名な賀茂神社を散策いたしました。京北の大自然と小鳥の大合唱が印象的でした。 【Walking around Kamo-jinja Shrine and Keihoku-cho Area】 Located in the northwestern part of Kyoto city, surrounded by mountains, it is a region blessed with rich nature. It hit the headwaters of the Katsura River flowing in Kyoto and Osaka, and used to transport wood from this area by water to Arashiyama. Recently, many people have moved to Kyoto as an area where they can live in the countryside, and it is attracting attention.